We are excited to announce we are publishing a book for loss families, and we want you to be a part of it! This book will be a compilation of letters to loss families from loss families. It will provide support and comfort to families to let them know they are not alone.

The books will be donated through the Patrick Palin Foundation to NICUs, maternity wards, and other support/non-profit organizations. The books will also be available for purchase. For every book purchased, one will be donated to a loss family.

Submit a letter to be included in the book by following the link by August 15, 2022.

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Having a child in the NICU can be extremely stressful. Care packages and legacy gifts are intended to provide comfort and support

to families.

​​​​​​Our Mission is to support families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss at hospitals in the Boston area.


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We are excited to announce our new journal! Navigating Through Grief is a guided grief journal. Grief is complex and all-encompassing. This journal is designed to help guide you through this difficult time and remember special moments.

This 8.5 X 11 inch journal has 120 pages. It has space to write letters to your loved one, respond to writing prompts, reflect through quotes, several tools to track your emotions and more.

For every journal purchased, a NICU journal or grief journal will be donated to a NICU family at a Boston area hospital.


We are very excited to announce The Patrick Palin Foundation has published a NICU Journal! This journal is a special place to capture all the moments of being in the NICU with a newborn. Days in the NICU are overwhelming but can be filled with special moments to treasure. This journal can be used to capture every detail. For every journal purchased, a journal will be donated to a NICU family at Boston area hospital.


Journal Details:

​8.5 X 11 size
118 pages
1 birthday page to document the special day.
Space to take handprints and footprints.
8 weeks of daily guided journal entries.
Each NICU day is documented on a two-page spread that helps capture milestones, special moments, feedings, challenges, questions for doctors, and more.
Notes section at the end for independent journaling.

Letters to Loss Families

NICU Journal

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