​​Bereavement Supports 

The loss of baby is devastating. We want to support families during this trying time by providing support packages in remembrance of their baby.

Legacy Gifts
The loss of a child is something a parent should never have to experience. It’s extremely difficult when that loss is a newborn. Remembering and forming a lasting legacy is extremely important. One way we help families do this is by sending them a plant in memory of the baby such as a rose bush. 

Precious Baby Blankets
Blankets donated to the hospitals for nurses to use when presenting stillborn babies to their parents for that difficult time they are saying hello and goodbye. All blankets are handmade and in a few different sizes.

Certificate of Life
Many states will not provide a family with a birth certificate for a stillborn baby or after a miscarriage. Other states will only provide one if the baby is older than 20 weeks. We are now providing certificates for hospitals to fill in for families. For a $12 donation we will email a personalized certificate and donate another to a family in need. Take a look at our options.


​Financial Burial and Funeral Assistance

The Patrick Palin Foundation Inc. is committed helping families that have suffered the loss of an infant 12 months or younger, or stillborn. The loss of a child is something that no parent should have to go through. We know that the costs associated with this tragedy are sometimes overwhelming. Families can apply for assistance by completing an application.

Based on the limitation of funds not all requests will be fulfilled.
Assistance ranges from $100 to $300 per family

 In order to be considered all of the following items must apply:

·This application must be filled out as completely. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

·The Patrick Palin Foundation does not send payment directly to any applicants. All payments go to the funeral home, cemetery or monument company.

· Family must reside in the state of Massachusetts.

· Baby was born at or after 22 weeks gestation.

· Baby was less than 12 months old when he/she passed away.

· Application must be submitted within 45 days of service.

· Completed application, copy of death certificate and copy of invoice/bill can be emailed to                  thepatrickpalinfoundation@yahoo.com 

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