Complimentary Certificate of Life

Cost should not prohibit a family from finding ways to remember of thier baby. Once a month, we will email 10 families at random a free Certificate of Life. Please note we are able to provide one certificate per baby per family.  To join the waitlist please email the following information: 

Color of flowers: white, pink or blue (patterns may vary)

wording: "Born to". "Born Silently to" or "who lived in hearts of"

Baby's name

Parent's Name

​Birthday/Important Dates

The loss of a child is devastating no matter when it occurs. Many states will not provide a family with a birth certificate for a stillborn baby or after a miscarriage. Other states will only provide one if the baby is older than 20 weeks. For a $15 donation we will email you a personalized certificate and donate another to a family in need.

Baby's Name and Parent's Name
Birthday/Important Dates

Certificate of Life

Flowers designed by FiveCatsGraphics.

Foundation, Inc.

Certificates of Life are emailed within  48 hours in a PDF format. Prints are 8.5X11 inches. They can easily be printed at home or by a local printer. Please note color saturation does vary by computer. Please keep an eye on your spam folder. Please contact us with any questions.