Having a child in the NICU can be extremely stressful and confusing for everyone. Our goal is to provide some comfort to parents and siblings by providing care packages and legacy gifts. The care packages are intended to help provide items that help parents capture memories of their baby and make their lives a little easier. 

NICU Family Support Package
We provide a reusable water bottle to NICU families filled with snacks and candy. These are brought to hospitals a couple of times a year for everyone in the NICU. When you have a baby in the NICU, it is easy to let the day go by without taking any time to take care of yourself. We hope these items will make a parent's day a little easier so they can focus on their baby. 

NICU Family Memory Package
These packages are provided to families who have a terminally ill child in a NICU. These packages allow families to capture precious memories of their baby. The packages include ink for hand and foot prints, ready to hang subway art for hand and foot prints, baby blanket, hand lotion, lip balm, snacks, a reusable water bottle and tissues.


Soft fabric hearts are worn against a parent's skin to absorb their scent. For times when a parent cannot be close to their baby, the heart can be placed in the isolette so they know the parent is always with them. 

NICU Family Relief Basket

When you have a child in the NICU, you are spending most of your time at the hospital with your baby. The relief basket contains the essentials for an overnight visit or an extended stay. Our hope is by providing these items, a family's stay might be just a little easier. The baskets contain items that are not routinely available at hospitals for parents. These include items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Sibling Packages
A visit to the NICU to meet a new brother or sister can be stressful. These packages include activities to keep young ones busy and quiet when parents need to attend to the baby, talk to doctors or even sit in the waiting room. Packages include items such as sticker books, coloring books and crayons and two stuffed animals- one for the new big brother/sister and one for the baby.

NICU Family Library

A basket of books is provided to the NICU for parents to easily grab. Bonding in the NICU can be a struggle, especially when you cannot hold your baby. One way easy way to connect is to read to the baby. Babies know their parents voices, so hearing their parents read will comfort and connect  everyone. 

NICU Journal

​This NICU journal is a special place to capture all the moments of being in the NICU with your newborn. Days in the NICU are overwhelming but can be filled with special moments and milestones to treasure. Use this journal to capture every detail. It is 8.5 X 11 in size containing 118 pages. Each NICU day is documented on a two-page spread that helps capture milestones, special moments, feedings, challenges, questions for doctors, and more. Order a journal here. 

If you are interested in ordering any of these support package for a loved one, please contact us for more information. 

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